Director of Product Designer

Based in San Jose, CA

Key Expertise


Curious, empathetic, creative problem solver, immersing myself in industries that do not have simple solutions and shipping products fast by doing more and talking less. I work hard to make sure that rather complicated things are as simple and visually striking as possible while trying to solve the balance between user needs and business goals. Also, I love to build exceptional multi-disciplinary design teams based on, mentoring designers, nurturing them and helping them grow. I have worked closely with cross-functional teams consisting of product managers, engineers, sales, marketing and customer support teams. My belief is that collaborative work is the fastest way to create alignment and deliver the best solution for the end-user.

User Experience (UX) Design User Research, User Testing, Usability Testing, Quick Interactive Prototyping (Wireframing), Success Tracking

User Interface (UI) Design WCAG 2.0, Material Design, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Mobile/Web, Native and Custom Apps, Collaborative Design

Selected Work History

June 2020- Present

Director of Product Design @ Data Axle

Developed Longterm UX Vision And Strategy and built out a distributed design team relying heavily on cross-mentorship. Established a design process in which PM's, Engineers, BA's, and Leadership can see the assigned designers progress through transparency. Kicked-off research that would cement the vision for 2022 and beyond.

Jan 2019- March 2020

Director of Product Design @ Shopkick

Leading a team of Product Designers on a mission to transform the way people engage with stores and products, both online and in the physical world. Focusing on being a strong, empathetic and thoughtful voice for our users while developing talent both in Redwood City, CA and offshore (Cluj, Romania). During my time at Shopkick, we were able to deliver designs that drove a 33% increase in week 1 retention, 40% increase in week 4 retention, and 15% increase in engagement (point earning actions which are up from 6.5 per week a year ago to 7.5 per week this year)

July 2016- Sept 2018

Director of Product Design @ iD Tech

Implemented a user-centered design process and collaborated closely with product managers, engineers, and other designers to create insight driven solutions. Owned the end-to-end process for design projects, from research and ideation, defining, problems and goals, map user flows, prototype interactions, wireframes and high-fidelity mockups, to design implementation with tight developer communication. Increased organic conversion rate by 23%, mobile registration by 11%, and helped increase sales from $60 million to $70 million in revenue.

June 2015- Feb 2016

Interim Director of Product Design @ Telenav

Led a team of 4 designers, collaborated closely with engineering and product to define which features would drive value to the market and contributed to the overall direction of the app. We launched route personalization, sharing, destination prediction services in Scout and subsequently sold them into the automotive market via contracts with GM, Toyota and Ford.

Dec 2014- June 2015

Lead Product Designer @ Telenav

Oversaw and guided a design team, while also heavily influencing the visual design and technology through launch. Helped mentor designers and worked with the engineering team as they built the final product

Dec 2013- Dec 2014

Lead Product Designer @ Avira

Designed for both Android and iOS mobile apps. The Android app went from 2.373m installs to 5.226m and counting since the new features and redesign have

June 2013- Dec 2013

Lead Product Designer @ Independa

Designed a Smart TV app for the elderly. Designs were based on psychographic research. End product resulted in being named #1 Technology in Senior Care at CES

June 2012- May 2013

User Experience Designer @ Citrix

Worked on redesigns for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining and GoToAssist websites. Created wireframes, clickable prototypes, landing pages and